The One-Anotherness to God's Providence?

We began our Advent series this past Sunday in Ruth 1 answering the question “Can I really trust God who has dealt me a bitter hand in my life?” Thats a good question. It’s a relevant question for us all. And I hope that you found good answers as we examined Ruth 1, and specifically the pervasive, sometimes hidden, yet continuous providence of God.

One element I did not get to explore on Sunday that I want to here is this mysterious idea of how God’s providence plays out through ordinary relationships in our lives.

This is what I mean: It was through an unbreakable bond between Ruth and Naomi that God redeemed them. It is through Boaz’s kindness to Ruth that the whole nation of Israel experiences God’s steadfast love. It was through the unlikely marital bond of a Moabitess and Israelite that Naomi received a grandchild. God does some of his best work through our relationships. Our relationships serve as a vehicle for us to know and experience the providence of God in our lives. There is a distinct one-anotherness to God’s providence.

I hope you see how amazing this is. Your relationships with others in your life are not trivial. It is at the very substance of what God is doing in the world today through the life of His Son.

David Powlison said something to this effect once:
We often ask this question “What is God’s will for my life?”  That is relevant and a necessary question to ask. Should I move to New York? Should I take that job? Should I sell my house? Should I buy that new thing? We can tend to overspiritualize these decisions. Just make a pros and cons list (maybe even flip a coin like the apostles!), pray about it, and make a decision. God is providentially with and in all of it. You can rest in this fact regardless of the outcome
BUT, our relationships are a different, more serious matter. When you are walking down the street and you see a friend on the other side that you are estranged from, God REALLY cares what you do next. Are you going to cross and make amends? These are the decisions that we should sense a weightiness and gravity to.

God is, in some mysterious way, moving in and through our relationships with others. Have you considered this? What an amazing claim.

I hope that this reality can propel into a life of love like never before.

In Christ,

P.S. - This Sunday we will continue our second week of the “How to Study the Bible” Class that we are doing before church at 9:30. Childcare is provided. If you have not done so already, register here. For those who could not make it, here is last week’s handout from Week 1 of the class.
P.S.S - We have had a lot of feedback about the Advent Reading Plan as many of you are participating in it. If you havent started it, it is not too late! The plan is structured around the preaching schedule for the month of December through our series in Ruth. Even if you are just now about to begin the reading plan, this plan will prepare you well for the teaching each week. You can find it here.
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